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Keyholding & Chastity

Mistress Alexandra, the Absolute Greek Mistress

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Keyholding & Chastity

Now answer a few questions: Do you masturbate too much and are not productive? Would you like to relinquish all control to a beautiful, strict and demanding Mistress? Do you believe your penis should be under lock and key and controlled for days, weeks or even months? I know the answer is yes. And I have the perfect solution to solve all your problems once and for all. Chastity. First temporary, but very soon you will beg me to make it permanent, because only I know what you need.
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The pricing structure below is just an example of the most demanded sessions. If your fantasy is different, do not hesitate to contact and share it with Me.

I have developed a series of Keyholding Plans that should be perfect for both the initiated and the novice.

  • Monthly
    1st Month 150 EUR
    Additional Month 100 EUR
  • Weekly
    1st Week 50 EUR
    Additional Week 50 EUR
  • Keylocking & Releasing
    Realtime Session Time Price
    Webcam Webcam Time Price
    Messaging 50 EUR/hour
    Email Free