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Long Term Sessions

Mistress Alexandra, the Absolute Greek Mistress

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Long Term Sessions

In very few places of the world you will be able to enjoy (or suffer) an experience as real as the one I can offer at The Omega Compound, an environment designed and built precisely to be able to enjoy very long sessions.

The possibilities are endless and I like to design each of the long term sessions with the attention to detail that such an experience deserves, so there is nothing scripted. I guarantee that it will be an unforgettable experience and that you will understand the true meaning of belonging unconditionally and 24/7 to a strict Mistress, sleeping in a real cell, being fed with leftovers, caged like a dog or forced to submit to My every whim. Because once inside, you have no escape.

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The pricing structure below is just an example of the most demanded sessions. If your fantasy is different, do not hesitate to contact and share it with Me.

  • 6h Prison + 1h Session – 500 EUR (minimum term)
  • 12h Prison + 2h Session – 850 EUR
  • 24h Prison + 4h Session – 1500 EUR
  • Longer periods or different combinations – Ask