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Mistress Alexandra, the Absolute Greek Mistress

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Online Sessions

For anyone who does not have the chance to meet Me in person or just feels more comfortable online, I have created a special program to fulfill all of Our fantasies.

Just like real-time interactions, online interactions are limited only by our imagination. Therefore, the different activities that we can carry out are the following: Email Instructions & Tasks, Messaging Interaction, Webcam Sessions, Phone Sessions.

Fetishes & Services




The pricing structure below is just an example of the most demanded sessions. If your fantasy is different, do not hesitate to contact and share it with Me.

  • Email Instructions & Tasks
    2 weeks – 5 tasks 50 EUR
    4 weeks – 14 tasks 100 EUR
  • Messaging Interaction
    1 hour 50 EUR
  • Webcam Sessions
    30 minutes 60 EUR
    60 minutes 100 EUR
  • Phone Sessions
    30 minutes 60 EUR
    60 minutes 100 EUR