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The Omega Compound
Mistress Alexandra Dream Place

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The Omega Compound

The Domain of Mistress Alexandra

The Omega Compound

My Ultimate Dream Location

The Omega Compound is a world-class BDSM venue to explore your kinks with over 350-square meters of interior space, as well as more than 1000 square meters of outdoor space.

The Omega Compound is a luxurious haven for those who want to live out their fantasies best suited for long-term sessions and luxury fetish vacations.

The Omega Compound features many rooms designed to cater to your deepest kinky desires. These include luxurious vintage living rooms, real prison cells, medical clinic rooms and more.

Omega Compound offers multiple rooms that are tailored to cater to your deepest kinky desires. These areas include luxurious vintage living room, real prison cells, medical clinic rooms, red punishemt chamber, boudoir and constantly is being updated with new toys and wicked ideas.

The Omega Compound differs from other commercial dungeons by its indoor facilities, but especially by its large outdoor playing area with so many options like, access to the real cells, cages of different sizes and even a real marble throne, with many square meters available to play and discover new fantasies.

The Omega Compound is like a labyrinth of endless guilty pleasures, since it is impossible to discover and enjoy all its possibilities with just one visit and guests will want to return again and again.

Imagine a place that combines your fantasies and dreams and makes them real. That’s The Omega Compound.

Dungeon Details

Over 1350 sqm and groving daily with new rooms and equipment

The Rooms and Equipment

The Underground Dungeon is 310 sqm, 3300 square feet. Fully equipped with many different rooms.

The Omega Compound is located in a very quiet area, not far from Atenas and easily accessible by car, but not by public transport, so there will be no unexpected interruptions.

Everything around the The Omega Compound is unassuming from outside. It’s hard to realize that behind a discreet door a world of BDSM fantasy opens up.

The Omega Compound is not a finished project. It is a constantly evolving entity with new phases planned that will add even more play areas and equipment, both indoors and outdoors.

At this moment, these are the different areas available:

The outdoor area
Over 1,000 square meters, completely open and prepared to host large groups or activities requiring plenty of space. The available equipment includes a marble throne, several different sized cages, whipping posts, pillory, rotating cross, access to the prison cells, etc.

The main room
Curtained draperies, marble floors, classy armchairs, opulent fireplace, large open spaces and high ceilings. It all seems to indicate that we are in the luxurious living room of a mansion. But the cages, crosses, whips, riding crops and paddles all point in a totally different direction.

The living room
A relaxed and elegant room, directly connected to the main hall, where you can relax and enjoy a lovely cup of tea served by an impeccable butler, who, perhaps, should be disciplined for some slight flaw or mistake in his service, so there are always canes at hand.

The kitchen
Just another kitchen. Just what you would expect to find in a kitchen. However, with some interesting features, such as a unique table with a central hole and tie-down points. The bare basics so that you remember where you’ve left your slave when he’s not busy cooking for you.

The bedroom
How essential it is to get a good night’s sleep in a luxurious king size bed. Except this bedroom is used for so many other purposes, employing the cleverly arranged decorations whose function is much more than just furnishing the room. The elegant dressing table is, of course, every sissy’s dream.

The red bedroom
The red is the color of passion. And the color of blood. Stepping into this room means things are about to get intense. Drop your inhibitions at the door and learn to enjoy the pain. There is no shortage of tools to apply that pain, such as the full suspension, the cross or the swing, plus multiple whips and floggers.

The medical room
It’s unbelievable how that wicked nurse is capable of abusing the poor patients so much, tying them to the examination table after having kept them locked in a cage, and you wonder what a cage is doing in a medical office. This is a very special clinic as you will soon discover.

The bathroom
The marble bathroom with authentic wood furniture could not be forgotten in such a luxurious environment. A water area where you can take much more than simple showers.

The Prison
You can live the experience of being locked up in a real prison, with cells of different sizes and in different locations. Some of them are outdoors, with heat in summer and cold in winter. It can’t be any other way. You are just a prisoner. But if you blindly obey the warden, maybe she will allow you to sleep in a more comfortable cell.